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We develop Local Content of Petroleum and Mining industries in Africa



Oil & Gas  Consultancy

Our oil & gas consultancy services reflect where we have provided state of the art services to various clients including IOC’s and NOC’s. Our leading-edge solutions represent years of intense efforts by world-class engineers, geoscientists and business developers.

  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Petroleum Geosciences
  • Business & Economics
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More Detail

We offer a number of training courses that will give quick insight in the oil & gas business to beginners as well as the required depth of knowledge to those wishing to become specialists.

  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Business & Economics
  • Petroleum Geosciences
  • Small Businesses
  • IT Basics
  • Online solutions

e-Business Solutions

We provide customized solutions in data digitization and analysis, organizational diagnosis, Software development and online promotional and sales processes.

  • Business Analytics
  • Web design 
  • Technical & Business Software
  • e-trading
  • Data Digitization
  • Database Construction and Management
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Petro Alliance

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Petro-Alliance is the nexus of Oil & Gas industry in Africa. It provides a platform for collaboration amongst major stakeholders in supporting development of Local Content of oil and gas industry in African countries. You can contribute in Joint Organisations Projects (JOP) in following areas:

  • Development of capability of local contractors to manage and deliver contracts
  • Development of collaborative programs between Universities and Oil companies
  • Fostering of participation of local financial institutions in oil & gas business
  • Development of short courses and quick training needs for oil & gas companies and contractors

Diaspora Business Centre

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The Diaspora Business Centre provides personalized support services to Cameroonian of the diaspora and foreign investors wishing to establish and/or develop businesses in Cameroon.

  • Business Creation and Launching
  • Business and Organisational Development
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Market Studies and Analysis
  • Access to Local Capital Market



Renewable Energies

  • Biogas and Biomethane
  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Hydroelectricity

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Our purpose


The primary purpose of the firm is to harness skills and capabilities of experienced Africans at home and in the Diaspora to foster local participation in the oil and gas industry of African countries. The participation is directly through the firm’s main activities as contractors to NOC’s and IOC’s and indirectly through building local capacity and capabilities to enable Africans at home and in the Diaspora to effectively take part in the oil and gas business of their countries.

Our mission

In line with our purpose, one aspect of our mission is to provide technical, commercial and managerial know-how needed by the people in Africa to effectively participate as workers, contractors or operators in the oil and gas industry of their countries. We further support and accompany all companies, including non-oil and gas companies, Banks, Financial institutions and government agencies in the operational and strategic management of their businesses. In this way, we contribute in enabling African countries to unlock their huge oil and gas potential to support sustainable development through value creation and investments’ diversification supported by increasing local content of oil and gas